About me

  • Diplom‐Anglistin Antje Faber — diploma in English studies
  • Experience in teaching of English since 1997
  • Experience in translating since 2000, preferably using Wordfast Pro, but Across is possible
  • Specialized in pharmaceutical topics since 2004
  • Based in: Barby (Elbe), 30 min from Magdeburg
  • Member of the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e. V. (German association of interpreters and translators)

Educational background:

  • Degree as state‐certified translator of German‐English/English‐German with specialization in business in 2010
  • American and British Studies with a diploma in British studies as »Diplom‐Anglistin« at the Martin‐Luther‐Universität Halle‐Wittenberg (MLU), Germany in 2000
  • Studies at the Montana State University, Bozeman, USA, in 1996/1997
  • Certificate in minor »Business Management« at the MLU
  • Certificate in minor »Russian« at the MLU
  • Certificate in additional studies »German as a Foreign Language« at the MLU
  • Spanish courses at the MLU

Word-for-Word Blog


New Website

Here’s to a fresh start! After twelve years of languagetrainer.de, here comes the new start of my homepage on sprachservice-faber.de. This is not only a cosmetic makeover but stands for an extension of my services in all those years. mehr


Antje Faber, Ziegeleiweg 20, 39249 Barby, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)178 152 23 76      E‐mail: contact@sprachservice-faber.de

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